Our Mission: “To educate and empower clients to move towards optimal wellness with nutrition that supports their unique bio-individuality.”

Innate Well Being provides Nutritional Therapy, yoga & meditation in the greater Washington, DC Metro area. Caroline, a yoga teacher and nutrition enthusiast for 10+ years is a proud graduate of the NTP program. She is available for workshops, nutrition groups and private consultations. Caroline loves to work with clients from all walks of life, but she especially enjoys working with the entire family towards improving their health. She also specializes in helping couples with fertility enhancement, healthy pregnancy & breastfeeding,  and healthy children through nutrient-dense foods and power-packed supplementation.

Philosophy: Your body has an innate intelligence. It knows exactly what it needs. Quite simply, give it what it needs and it thrives! When it comes to nutrition, we thrive on a nutrient dense, WHOLE FOODS. At Innate Well Being, we partner with you to create optimal wellness. We work at YOUR pace, to get you back to basics and common sense when it comes to food and nutrition.